Tiger by the Tail

…or, “You Know You’re Succeeding When…”

I started this blog with one goal in mind: Make myself start writing. The idea was, if I write a little something everyday, I’ll get into the habit and actually start writing things like the novels and screenplays I’m always seeing in my head. Whether it mattered to anyone else at all, at least I would be giving myself the chance to put down in words something I could point to and say proudly, “I wrote that!”


I'm a writer, I am, I is, I arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!

I thought I might run into a problem if I got writer’s block, facing that daunting whitespace every day (ok, every weekday). Turns out, the opposite happened. I find myself with more things to write down than I can find time for…I am still expected to go to work 8 hours a day, of course.

Case in point, the ‘fanfic’ (fan fiction) story I’m doing about Mikaël Stürmhand, based on the Skyrim video game. I thought it was just going to be a few summary vignettes from the backstory I was forming in my head. I thought I would cover each bit in, oh, three or four paragraphs each. I thought it was going to take up two, maybe three days’ worth of blogging.

Well, I’m happy to say, I thought wrong. Really, really wrong. I started the first bit, in the aftermath of a young woman’s rape by a noble (hey, turns out I’m not writing a Disney fairy tale!)…and it caught fire. My fingers started flicking over the touchscreen (sweet Kindle Fire, my writing tool of convenience) as fast as I could get the words down. Entire pages rushed out, characters screamed their voices in my head, descriptions cried out to be…well, described. And I’m not even close to the end of the first chapter. Meanwhile, the second chapter is outside, banging furiously at the door, eager to be written.

That’s how I’m thinking about it now, in chapters! It’s gone from a few blog entries to, well, a novella at least. I know it’s just a silly little fanfic, no one cares, never be able to make it worth any money…but it’s MY story, something that, as it turns out, I have to write, have to finish. And who knows, maybe if I do that, actually take a story from finish to end, I’ll learn something about writing REAL stories. So…I’m excited!


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