My Muse is a Pushy Nag

I don’t want to jinx myself…but I’m half-wishing to get some writer’s block soon. I haven’t blogged lately…but that’s because I’ve been spending my writing time working on Skyrim fanfic. And by “writing time,” I mean every spare minute I’m not at work or fulfilling minimal social engagement time (apparently, the other actual humans in my life require some form of interaction). It’s really started to cut into my TV-watching time *sigh*.

I have two chapters already drafted. The first chapter concerns a tragic story of rape and murder…hey, nothing like a cheerful beginning, right? The second chapter is all about the most unlikely guardian angel ever. And it doesn’t stop…just today, on the 10-minute drive from the train station to the house, I thought of something new to add to the first chapter. My muse doesn’t think “drafted” means “finished”…I wonder if this will ever really be finished.

Not only do I keep thinking of new things to put into already-written chapters, the upcoming chapters (mostly formless plotlines sketched in the back of my brain) keep intruding. Plot details, episodes, bits and pieces–even descriptive phrases and entire conversations–of the future stuff keep bubbling up to the forefront of my brain. I can barely keep the chapter I’m working on in focus because the other chapters (like annoying sitcom neighbors) keep butting in. It’s all I can do to take notes to keep the ideas in some sort of stasis so I don’t lose the train(s) of thought.

I can definitely understand why writers have always dealt with this phenomenon by anthropomorphicizing it as a “Muse.” Someone constantly at your elbow, jogging you with ideas. “Hey,” it says in my ear, “Don’t forget about…”

Me: YES, I KNOW…I will GET to it! Can I just finish THIS part first?? GEEZ!

Muse: (short pause) “Oh, sure, sorry.” (short pause) “Ohhhhhh, I just thought of something! But you’ll have to find room for it in the first chapter…otherwise, it won’t be set up right for the end…”


I wonder if I can complain to some Front Office somewhere. Then I could request a Muse more willing to work on a schedule. *sigh*

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